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At PB 1st Choice, we feel that healthy air quality is non-negotiable. HVAC mechanical services are fundamental to any well-maintained facility. There are few things that can affect an environment more than air quality. From heating to ventilation to air-condition, having proper HVAC mechanical service is integral to maintaining facilities. A space in which people can breathe clean, fresh air at a comfortable temperature naturally encourages customers to stay a while longer — and also to return again. These subtle cues can go unnoticed but have a significant effect on the quality of experience we have in buildings. Every person who enters and inhabits your home or building deserves to have fresh, pleasant air to breathe.

​As humans, we think and feel better when we are physically comfortable, you will be happier with proper HVAC mechanical maintenance. Healthy air quality is a must in any commercial or residential building, and at PB 1st Choice, we want to help you provide it.

We create indoor comfort control for you

As a property owner or building manager, you’ve probably considered getting your HVAC mechanical services from just any service supplier. The advantage to purchasing your HVAC mechanical services from PB 1st Choice is simple: we are in the business to serve you. We are intentional about saving you money and providing ongoing services with excellence, while a typical service supplier is merely trying to sell parts and labor.

At PB 1st choice, our HVAC mechanical services meet the needs of both residents and property managers. We serve our customers the way we serve our own team members, and family — with honesty and trust and genuine concern for their challenges. We are focused on delivering an air quality and environment that exceeds standards. Our team provides HVAC mechanical services more cost-effectively than other service suppliers or our competition, and we will always be honest with you about it. We say, more cost-effective simply because we care about your building expenses as much as you do. We generate loyal, repeat customers because we continually save you money over the long-term and provide prompt reliable service.

Affordable, reliable, and price competitive

Our HVAC mechanical services offer:​

  • Cost Effective Preventive Maintenance Repairs
  • ​Sustainable HVAC Solutions
  • Energy Management and Building Automation Systems
  • Energy/ Conservation Audits
  • Pneumatic Control Systems
  • ​Hydroponic Systems
  • Package and Split Systems
  • ​Facility Equipment Evaluations
  • Air Quality Solutions
  • ​Air Balance/ Ducting
  • Boilers, Chillers, and Towers
  • Air Handling and Furnace Systems
  • ​Design Builds, Renovations, and Tenant Improvements
  • ​Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, and Structural Engineering.
  • Variable Air Volume Systems
  • ​Variable Frequency Drives
  • ​Exhaust Fans and Ventilation
  • Water Treatment Systems and Service
  • ​Chemical Management
  • ​Portable/ Emergency HVAC Units/Fans

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