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Our electrical and lighting services help you shine

As a property manager or resident, you know that nothing keeps tenants or yourself happier than a well-functioning lighting and electrical system. Most work these days is impossible without a computer system and technology that demand efficient a sustainable power source. If the electrical systems go down there will be a lot of unsatisfied customers. Typically, power failures can cost tens-of-thousands of dollars for every hour the systems are in failure. At PB 1st Choice, we want that to never happen. We’re dedicated to providing comprehensive electric and high efficient lighting systems with timely, high-quality, and cost-effective services.

PB 1st Choice takes care of your important responsibilities

Property managers and Homeowners have a lot of important responsibilities to handle, something our PB 1st Choice team understands from firsthand experience on the other side of the table. You want to make sure that work isn’t stopped, or that no one slips and falls due to faulty lighting. This is just one of the common issues that property managers and residents need to foresee and do their best to prevent. At PB 1st Choice, we can enhance your building security, and increase your sense of safety with our lighting services. Whether an electrical panel that needs replacement, a pump in the mechanical room that needs to be connected to power, or ballast replaced in a 40’ light pole, PB 1st Choice is capable of serving your every need. Our bundled services allow you to pick the service package that is right for you.

Our Electrical services include:

  • Full service electrical
  • Electrical troubleshooting and repairs
  • New panel and sub-panel installation
  • Switches, receptacles, and disconnects
  • ​Energy efficient motion sensors
  • Timers, controllers, and photocells
  • Emergency lighting installation and repairs
  • ​Life safety monitors and systems
  • ​Site signage and wiring repairs
  • Thermography testing
  • ​Serving all industries and facilities

​Our Lighting service include:

  • ​Interior and exterior lighting repairs
  • L.E.D high efficient lighting retrofits
  • Exterior parking lot lighting
  • Parking garage service Installation and replacement
  • Specialty lighting
  • Fixture and pole cleaning
  • ​Full product supply
  • Lamps, ballasts, and lens
  • Fixtures, poles, and controllers
  • Inventory control
  • Energy efficient facility re-lamping
  • Nighttime on-site assessments with reports


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