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It's more than a "paint job." It's your home.
When you allow PB 1st Choice into your home to paint its interior—or on to your property to paint its
exterior—you're purchasing more than a "paint job." Instead, you're purchasing a process that has a beginning and end.You will have a relationship with your PB 1st Choice, as well as the crew that they send to your door. And the quality of that crew will have as profound an impact on your experience and results as will the paint and materials they apply to your home.

At PB 1st Choice, we are keenly aware of this—and that awareness drives the major difference between us and other painters in the South Florida area.

We understand that each step of the painting process needs to be done expertly to achieve the best looking and longest-lasting results: from the initial estimate, to the prep-work, to the actual painting, all the way through to the final walk-through when we invite your final approval.

​Property Management Services

Do you have a rental that needs painted? Whether you have one rental that needs painted or four hundred apartment units that need painted, we can turnover your rentals in a timely manner with a professional paint job.

Another popular request of exterior commercial painting services is to improve the appearance of rental properties. If you present a pleasant atmosphere on the exterior of your commercial living property, this can increase the amount that you can expect to charge in rent each month. On the other hand, if your commercial property is marred by chipped paint and stains, renters will expect to pay much less in rent.

If you are considering renting out a commercial property, you will be amazed how much a fresh coat of paint can increase the value. In fact, fresh paint can more than make up for the cost of the service in additional rental fees.

PB 1st Choice has had the pleasure to work for include Retirement Communities, Apartment and Townhouse Complexes or Property Management Sub Contractor for painting and other odd jobs.