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General Repair Services

Every property manager and resident owner knows that maintaining a well-run facility or home is a matter of handling breakdowns. Buildings are full of thousands of things that can run down or start to malfunction. It can be an endless task to stay on top of everything, especially when your day is already maxed to the limit. However, effectively managing the small things that naturally occur within buildings and facilities of all kinds is easier when you have a company dedicated to serving your needs.

 PB 1st Choice is a great resource to relieve your typical everyday building headaches. At PB 1st Choice, we are here to serve any general repair need you have, from painting to electrical; from toilet overflow to malfunctioning blinds; from plumbing fixtures to door closers. Our characteristic flexibility and single source service means that our building technicians are well-trained and informed about all aspects of facilities maintenance. Not only that, but they are honest and ethical team players who take pride in their work. When it comes to our work within your facilities, we have an ownership mentality: that means we serve our customers the same way as if we had ownership in the property. We view every repair, every task, from an owner’s perspective. When making recommendations for repairs, we determine what’s best for the building ownership. We have pleasure in serving you in an efficient, value added manner.

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